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Community Resources

PLEASE NOTE:  Most of the resources shown in each category below are hyperlinked to a website.  To access a listed resource within the linked document, hover over the desired resource and click.  In the cases where there is no available website for a specific resource, a phone number has been listed where possible.

The following documents list links to categorized resources available
to Jefferson County Residents.

Full alphabetical listing of resources available here. 
Resource Summary Rack Card (the yellow card, updated Feb. 2022) here.
Mental Health Providers Jefferson County Area

(Updated as of 7/1 /19 ...updated information is welcomed -

Learn more about Jefferson County's Community Health Improvement Plan, an innovative collaboration between Jefferson Healthcare (JCH) and Jefferson County Public Health (JCPH) devoted to identifying the most pressing health priorities for Jefferson County and actions that will lead to improvements.

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